Monthly Archives: January 2016

Two recent anthologies

Some of my writing can be found in recent anthologies, along with that of many other poets. I Found It at the Moviesedited by Ruth Roach Pierson and published by Guernica Editions, includes Margaret Atwood writing about “Werewolf Movies,” Karen Solie’s “Love Poem for a Private Dick,” and Sharon Olds on “The Death of Marilyn Monroe.” as well as more high-brow fare like A. F. Moritz on a “Film in an Unknown Tongue” and Phil Hall’s homage to avant-garde filmmaker Stan Brakhage. My piece is a small love story called “Hiroshima. Mon Amour.”IFoundItAtTheMovies cove

Where the Nights are 2xWhere the Nights Are Twice as Long: Love Letters of Canadian Poets is an unusual collection that includes not only love poems but the actual letters written by, for example, a lovesick Robert Service, an angry Irving Layton, and an aging Earle Birney. My letters, written when I was 23, show an immature young fellow intent on becoming a poet. A unique feature of this anthology from Goose Lane Editions, edited by David Eso and Jeanette Lynes, is that they are arranged by the age of the writer. So on page 27 you can read 19-year-old Gwendolyn MacEwan’s responses to the advances of 42-year-old Milton Acorn, whose letter is on page 202. You can skip around, of course, but if you read straight through, you can feel the arc of a life, but the hot and bothered 20’s, through the disillusioned 40’s to the peace and reconciliation of old age.